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Submit a sighting

If you have multiple Greater Honeyguide observations, please submit them as separate events.

Not all fields are required, but the added information will increase the value of the record.

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1. About you:
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(Name and email will only be visible to Honeyguide Research Project researchers, and only used in the event that we have any follow-up questions about your sighting; your data will be otherwise anonymised.)
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2. About the sighting:
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*Adult or immature?          [How do I know?]
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*Did it guide you?              [How do I know?]
*Did you see or hear the honeyguide?
If guided, did you follow it?                 
If guided, did you find a bees' nest?     
Please tell us whether you found a bees' nest, and if so as much information as possible about it, such as the kind of bee (e.g. honeybee versus stingless bee), where the nest was located (including the tree species if you know it), and whether you harvested the nest.
Any additional comments:

The location of the sighting:
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*Point-location from where the observation took place.
If coordinates were not recorded at the time of the observation, please use the Google map below.
Please enter decimal co-ordinates or degree-minute-second, or degree-decimal-minutes of the location where the observation was made:
Latitude:         negative for Southern hemisphere
Longitude:      negative for Western hemisphere
When using the Google map:
  • Please zoom in as much as possible as this improves the accuracy of the coordinates
  • Click on the locality to set the marker on the map, the coordinates are automatically selected
  • To move the marker simply click on the map again
  • The map is viewable in three different formats: map, terrain, satellite
Please note that you do not need to copy the coordinates shown here into the coordinates section above, the processing software will do this for you.
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